The official poster for Culturenight 2016 The official poster for Culturenight 2016 (Source: In Denmark we have a lot of different cultures. A lot of people don't know what the Danish culture is or what it has to offer. That's why each city once a year holds something we call Kulturnatten - culture night. A night filled with different offers that can show you what Danish culture is. The culture night is a night for everybody. Family - couples - friends - old and young people. There will be something to do for everybody. Now in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg there was over 800 different choices just this year alone. Places there is normally closed for the public is opening up for everybody who has a ticket.  Now don't worry the ticket is not expensive. One ticket is 90 kr and not only will it get you in every place that's open it also means free transportation with bus, s-tog and metro from 5 pm to 5 am on the day of the culture night. Is there some place you really wanna go but cant because the entrance fee is too high? Well culture night be the night to go there. Places like Christiansborg (our government), Glyptoteket, Jesuskirken (church), Politimuseet (the museum for the police), Radio24syv (radiostation), Visit Carlsberg or the zoo and so on are all open to people with the ticket. Now you should be aware of the some places require a reservation beforehand. So use google and check the program to see what there is and if it requires a reservation. Most places try to make sure that its appealing to every age group. So if you go as a family there will be something for the grandparents, parents and children.  An easy place to go would be some sort of museum like Statens museum for Kunst - the state museum of art. Theres all sorts of art there are appealing to different age groups and individuals. They even have a department just for children with different activities. Let the children have a chance to let the artistic side out. Now if this isn´t something for you then the royal guards Barracks is open for visiting. Old or young you can try and see what it takes to be in the army. It can be a little scary to have somebody standing and yelling at you but they will ask for your permission first. You will also be able to satisfy your curiosity about what a tank looks like inside or how it feels to sit in a jet.  These are just some of the things our soldiers can offer you that night. But then again maybe you just want to see the city from an old veteran bus. Everything is possible. We want to show our culture too new people and to ourselfs. Its that one reminder every year where it is we are coming from. Jet plane in the Royal Guards Barracks. People are waiting in line just to try to sit inside it. Jet plane in the Royal Guards Barracks. People are waiting in line just to try to sit inside it. Now for all of you party people out there this might sound something boring cause there's no drinking or stuff like that. This is the time where I will remind you that this is Denmark so of course you can't have a culture night without drinking. Visit carlsberg would be the perfect place to go cause beside the beer they also have great music. A lot of pubs and bars open early so you can get something against that thrust of yours. Now this is also a day where there is a lot of people there will be going clubbing as soon as they are done with their work or their sightseeing. However if you can't wait for that this is also a night that attract more street performers where you can dance and sing along as much as you want.    So if you want to learn more about the danish culture or just want to learn more about the city you live in dont hold back. There will always be some people that can explain things in english if you dont go with some friends. Part of the castle Rosenborg doing the night. Part of the castle Rosenborg doing the night. Usely Culture night is doing the warm nights of the summer so be aware of when it is in your city. Its not only about learning the culture or the city. Its also about being able to meet other people and see who you are sharing the neighborhood with. Just remember to use google and write kulturnatten + your city name if you live outside of copenhagen. For thoose people that wanna visit Copenhagen for next years culture night its October 13 (which is a friday uhhhhhh). Copenhagen is always the friday before our autumn vaccation which is always week 42.